Heredon Cove is my latest labor of love. Its been through many incarnations until it reached the cove and I was finally satisfied with it. While I’ve been playing the Sims for years, I never though about doing a clean and custom neighborhood until I was introduced to Jade’s Isle of Thyme and from there a world of others like it. I decided from there that I wanted to do my own take on the idea of an integrated neighborhood, especially once I decided that the Sims 3 was not for me.

Its not going to be a total integrated neighborhood since I know I’m going to use some Maxis careers, and there will be a great mix of storytelling with the ‘day in the life’ aspect of Heredon Cove. The neighborhood will start with 8 founding families from several economic brackets and develop from there. I’m not quite done placing the lots I need so it might be a bit before I update again, mostly because it’s 3 weeks until I graduate from college.

The next post shall be a tour of Heredon Cove followed by one on the founding families. I love the Sims, I love writing and I hope to make this a fun way to entertain myself and others.