Spring 2010 – Gregory is 31, Nina is 29, Alexa is 4 and Reagan is 1


Nina holds the book in front of her, allowing her mind to wander in the rare quiet of the house. It’s only in these moments that she allows herself to think about how much her life has changed.

6 years ago she never would have imagined she would be sitting on a $2,000 couch or have a $4,000 grand piano steps away from her and be able to call it her own. She never would have imagined she would be a willing mother of two and more often than not happily married. Most of all she never would have imagined not seeing her sister once in those 6 years.

Dina never got to share in the wonder of her wedding or express disbelief at her pregnancy. She never got to frown in envy at the ease Nina navigated higher society or the way her husband dropped thousands if not millions on art he appreciated and then donated. Dina hadn’t shared in anything with her sister because they hadn’t talked since she insisted on continuing her affair with Don Lothario, despite knowing that Nina was in love with him.


Agitation makes her drop the book and move to the piano. She plays quietly, keeping an ear out for the soft whimpering of her baby who slept upstairs. She hates thinking about her sister and that time long ago but sometimes Nina missed Dina even if she’ll never forgiver her.

Allowing the music to carry her away, her fingers move easily over the keys as she tried to bury feelings that still hurt a bit too much. The sound of the school bus and an exuberant “Mommy” pulls her from her memories and she stands with a smile to greet her daughter.


Alexa gets within 5 feet of her mother before the sound of the company car sends her back outside and into the waiting arms of her father. Nina can’t help her smile as she watches Gregory with Alexa. She loves the way he adores their daughter, it reminds her of how much her father had adored her… and Dina. She shakes her head to clear memories, smoothing her hands down her clothes she waits a bit impatiently for her husband to come inside and greet her.


Gazing into his eyes, Nina had to congratulate herself on a job well done. Heart – broken and miserable she had still managed to snag one of the most eligible bachelor’s in town, who cares if she had bent – ok completely ignored – the truth, she still got him.

“Hi, my beauty,” Gregory says, a grin on his face. “How was your day? Reagan give you any trouble?”

“It was productive. I took him to the park and wore him out, he’s sleeping right now.”

“Wearing that?”

“Of course, can’t embarrass the Wright name can I?, Nina answers, shrugging off his disapproval. ” How was my future judge’s day?”


Gregory smiles indulgently, placing a chaste kiss on her forehead. “Long and tiring as usual. No rest for a lobbyist but it’s better to get by on talent and not your name. The best part of my day will always be when I come home.”

Nina forces herself to keep the smile on her face despite the brief kiss, more than aware of Gregory’s belief that the children should never be exposed to their passion.

“However, I’m going to go take a quick swim. Check on Reagan and make sure Alexa does her homework, ok?” Gregory says, already heading toward the heated pool.

Suppressing the desire to roll her eyes, Nina points their daughter to a waiting sandwich and goes to check on their son. Sometimes that man….


Nina indulges herself and runs a gently hand over Reagan’s head. He’s getting so big. Soon he’ll be running around with Alexa and having to put up with all of Gregory’s silly rules. Not a large price to pay when you’re 1 and richer than 95% of the people around you. She leaves as quietly as she entered, looking forward to a bubble bath. Gregory was more than equipped to watch Alexa for an hour or two.


Much later than she expected, Nina slips downstairs and head to the piano for a little late night practice. She’s slightly surprised to see Alexa still working on her homework with Gregory’s help.

“Daddy, I don’t want to do anymore. I’m tired” Alexa says.

“Of course you are, all little girls should be tucked away and dreaming by 8” he responds, keeping his voice free of the annoyance Nina could read in the tension of his body. “However, Daddy wants his Alexa to be the best, don’t you want that Alexa?”

Alexa nods enthusiastically before continuing to practice her letters. Nina bits her tongue and continues playing quietly to keep herself from jumping to her daughter’s defense. He pushes too hard. She knows Gregory wants their children to excel but sometimes it was hard to sit quietly and watch as he pushes a 4 yr old.

“Mommy, I’m done,” Alexa taps Nina on the shoulder, showing her carefully copied letters. “Night time.”


“Good night sweet Alexa. Daddy is going to get you ready for bed tonight.” Nina hugs her daughter before sending her upstairs to wait for her father.

They don’t speak until they hear footsteps above them.

“Gregory, honey, I’m not in the mood to argue.”

He sighs, choosing his words carefully “No argument Nina, but if it’s too much work maybe we should get a nanny for the children and -”

“No!” she answers interrupts forcefully, quickly changing tactics when she sees surprise cross his face. Letting tears pool into her eyes, Nina looks down at the floor, “You don’t think I’m a good mother?”

Her husband was truly stunned and Nina has to hide a smirk, sometimes he was a little too easy get around.

“That’s not what I meant. I’m sorry. You’re a good mother Nina, we can forget about this nanny business” He kisses her before cautiously offering a smile, hoping it will mend bridges. “I’ll go get Alexa ready for bed.”

Nina follows his quietly up the stairs, allowing Gregory to stew in her hurt feeling for a few moments more. How dare he offer the services of a nanny! She wasn’t stupid. Nina is too smart to not know that nannies often carried themselves into the marriage bed and eventually down the aisle. She isn’t going to hand her husband over on a platter and undo all her hard work.


She let herself into Reagan’s nursery, pleased to see him awake and waiting for her. Nine acknowledges to herself, deep inside, that while she fights the idea of a nanny mostly because of their mercenary tactics she also didn’t want them to get all her sweet baby’s smiles.


AN: What do you think? Too wordy? Needs more pictures? Let me know because its all new to me.

I do want to apologize about their eyes though. I geneticized my eyes and I guess it reset all of them, now I have to make some repairs in Simpe. Good times.

I do have to say its interesting trying to find their voices and being conscious all these little factors like traits. Por ejemplo: One of Gregory’s traits is stern yet he has a good amount of nice points, so its interesting trying to figure out when and why he would be stern. Nina was also interesting because I’m trying to figure out how attached she is to her kids. While she didn’t have many wants for them, Nina would not put Reagan down once he was in her arms.

We’ll see how it progresses on all fronts.