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Spring 2010 – Fabrice is 26, Elise is 23, and Severin is 2


Fabrice feels guilt, demoralizing guilt that buids every day he is unable to provide for his family the way he desires. He stares down at the worn wood floor and fights the impulse to cry, shame causing blood to rush to his face heating it.

This house embarrasses him, the threadbare furniture a reminder of all they’d left behind in France. Gone was the palatial spread of the family chateau and the knowledge that he would never have to worry about money, all of it replaced by a small run down house that he can barely afford and an assortment of odd jobs to ensure that he can keep it.

A fresh wave of guilt hits him as he thinks of the intense struggle he’d brought on his wife and child. If he’d only compromised with his parents instead of leaving, they wouldn’t be living on the rapidly dwindling remnants of his trust fund… but he couldn’t give in to their demands.

How could they ask him to abandon the mother of his child? Take his son and leave her destitute, happily moving on with his life? At the time, being disowned seemed a small thing to stand by her but now it loomed over him, coloring his every thought.


Fabrice rubs his eyes, leaning heavily on his knees as the pressure of the day builds on his guilt. He knows this change in circumstances is having an averse effect on his marriage, he just doesn’t know how to stop it. Laying back on the stained leather couch, Fabrice allows the events of the day to wash over him in an effort to get a handle on it.

It hadn’t start great. He’d return home tired from the golf course, his hands gripping the measly$126 for his effort, to find a babysitter watching his precious son and his wife no where to be find.


Fabrice almost feels bad for the way he yelled at the girl but Severin had been screaming for attention and care. Who was this girl? How had Elise found her? She’d obviously been uncomfortable caring for the toddler, not managing to take care of his needs. Panic momentarily strikes him as he realizes he never asked her name, simply paying the girl and shoving her out the door.

He fights a groan, settling back into his thoughts. Fabrice had moved swiftly to take care of Severin, stripping them both naked as he tried to check his anger .


The bath had calmed him a bit and gave him a chance to enjoy his little son who he rarely had a chance to spend time with due to his odd hours. He smiles now at the memory of Severin’s toothy grin and the smattering of French bubbling forth as the toddler splashed around the water. For all his faults Fabrice knows that he has to do right by that little boy, even if it means spending the rest of his life being college educated and getting by on minimum wage jobs.

He’d thought his anger had been under control after spending the day tending to Severin but he couldn’t stop the rush that had flooded him as Elise came skipping into the house. Fabrice had attacked, ripping into her the moment she crossed the threshold.


He shifts on the couch as he remembers the venom they had spewed at each other, regret eating at him. He’d accused her of negligence, wanting to know why she’d left their son with a stranger. He had accused her of being selfish, demanding to know if she’d even questioned the girl before she ran off to do whatever she did. Shame burns his cheeks again when he thinks of Elise’s cold response to his accusations.


Elise informed him that she had gotten a call about a job as a Screentest Stand- In, which payed more than double he earned at the golf course. She knew they needed money so it made sense to leave their son with a babysitter instead of dragging him around a strange town while she looked for work. Elise had yelled about wanting to meet new people and being sick of staying home every day in their dilapidated house. She’d vented every hurt and annoyance at him and Fabrice couldn’t blame her, he hadn’t them and he didn’t now.


Sighing with mental fatigue Fabrice pushes the memories away and closes his eyes, trying to catch some sleep before work. Going over the day is not easing his guilt but enforcing it and his last thoughts as he falls asleep is that he has to make it up to her, he has to earn Elise’s forgiveness before she eventually leaves.