Summer 2010: John is 30, Rachel is 29, Nicolas is 6 and Frederic is 4

Family Dinner

To most of Heredon Cove they are what families should aspire to be, the picture of normality, family values and success. John bears the name that settled the cove and is steadily working to create a new niche for the Heredon name besides farming. He often ignores the Heredon Herald and the branch of the family that produces it, preferring to read the Advance Press that ships from the continent.


Rachel, while not born on the cove, is often the subject of quickly hushed gossip and subtle envy for her natural grace and refusal to play the society wife game. She can often be overheard instructing her sons on the proper way young men of their standing should behave and what is expected of them.

“Of course you and your brother will inherit the restaurant Nicolas, it’s your legacy.” she answers, arching a delicate eyebrow at the nature of her six year olds’ question. “It will be a very important responsibility for both of you.”


The boys are seen as a treasure not only within their home but around town with many parents pushing their kids to socialize and make friends. Frederic rarely gives it much thought when children follow him home from school. He almost never pays attention to them, preferring to spend time on his art. He lives to hear his father say “Great job, Fritz!” as he shows him colorful stick figures.


And while Frederic is quietly entertaining himself, Nicolas always entertains the guests into the evening with his planned future exploits of genius.

“One day I’m going to go to the moon and put my own flag there. It’s going to say Nicolas Heredon and its going to be blue. I’m going to build the shuttle myself so no one can stop me and then I’ll be the best scientist in whole world.”

He, of course, naturally hides his smirk of satisfaction when Claire is speechless with awe.


However, none know that those passionate kisses in the rain are often followed by conversations of censure.Censure

“John please try to remember that it’s improper of us to show those levels of affection for each other outside of the home. People are always watching.” Rachel constantly implores, hoping that for once she will get through to him.


No one knows that during meals after the children are put to sleep, John and Rachel sit awkwardly thinking about each other yet unable to speak.


That often their only way to communicate unless about the children or the restaurant is through the tactile surface of their skin.


None could ever guess that the normally reserved Rachel gives herself passionately and forcefully to her husband on the living room sofa despite the absence of curtains. They will never see the look of lust and delight in her eyes when John whispers about making their daughter.

Nor will they ever know that in the early mornings after late nights and sending the children off to school that John, normally known for his arrogance, can’t fall asleep without checking first for a sleepy smile on his wife’s face.





A.N: I tried out a new writing style, what do you think?

This one was a bit harder than expected. Unlike the other families, the two Heredon brothers didn’t have an abstract storyline when going in so I just played and clicked. While fun it made for some hard writing because I didn’t know how to enter their story arch and they have an interesting one in my opinion.

They are indeed and odd couple and I will explore more of that in their next update. They rarely talk to each other especially when eating alone but I can’t seem to pull them apart when it comes to kissed and woohoo. Its makes for a very interesting read into the characters. John and Rachel also adore the hell out of their kids, when they aren’t kissing each other or the like its to spend time with those boys.

Sorry if the pictures are a little fuzzy. It must have been Fraps because the larger versions aren’t as clear as the other updates. I have to look into that stat.