Summer 2010: Fabrice is 26, Elise is 23, and Severin is 2


Elise has always known how to get what she wants. She learned at a young age that the sensual sway of her hips could make men follow her for miles and combined with her full lips they are always easy prey to her whims. She ignores Fabrice’s protests, sliding her body along the long length of his.

Fabrice pulls back briefly from her kisses. “Elise, the baby is downstairs by himself. We can’t just -”

His moans cut off the rest of his sentence and he arches his back when she caresses the sensitive spot on his neck. Elise leans down and whispers softly. “I never thought I would have to convince a Frenchman to make love to me.”


“Tu es la femme de mes rêves,” he mutters and Elise smiles.

When his blue eyes narrow into slits, she knows he’s lost and once again hers in the way that only Fabrice can give himself. Its not so much the way he runs his hands along the curves of her body that arouses her passion but the way he relinquishes power to her. Who knew that after five years of giving her body to men for pleasure and trinkets that she would marry the one man who would give her what she really desired: power.


Elise is so content that she barely flinches when Fabrice grips her tightly for a few moments before whispering something about their son. Why should she worry about a two year old when she had to impress the produces with her ability to look beautiful in harsh lights?



Elise can barely contain her excitement when she gets home that evening, managing to stop herself before she runs into her husband. She’s breathless as she tugs on his arm drawing his attention away from Severin. “We’re going out for dinner tonight Fabrice. I made us reservations at Garden Lights and we can’t be late!”

He shakes his head in confusion and takes a step back. “We can’t afford to eat there and Tammie needs to go home, it’s late.”

She ignores his protests, turning to the young babysitter staring at them with wide eyes. “Tammie if you stay for the next two hours I will double your pay, bien?”

Elise doesn’t wait for the girl’s answer, simply pulling Fabrice out the door and into the waiting taxi despite his complaints.


Elise laughs at the bemused look on Fabrice’s face when she catches him staring at the people sitting next to them. “I’ve never seen you awed by the famous, cher.”

“Is that really…”

“Oui!” she answers before flagging the waiter. “They have a cameo in the film I’m working on and then have to start work on a show at the theater. Can we have a bottle of your best champagne?”

The change in subject brings Fabrice back to their present situation. “What is going on Elise? We can’t afford to eat here and we can’t afford a bottle of their best!”

She frowns briefly at his tone but quickly dismisses it to share her good news. “We can afford it. I promoted today, so drink your champagne and enjoy it.”


She sighs in pleasure, she has missed the crisp taste of champagne. It brings back memories of their honeymoon in southern France when money wasn’t an issue and she could have whatever she desired. Not for the first time, Elise vows to herself that she will get back to that way of life no matter what. She is never going to be a shopgirl again.

“Tell me what they have you doing now.” Fabrice prompts, a slight smile on his lips.

She isn’t fooled by the smile because the worry is so blatant in his eyes. Elise knows he’s terrified of losing her, his independent streak curbing to his desire to keep her happy. For a brief moment she allows herself to indulge his superficial emotion and answer his question.

“Its only as a body double for on of the stars but its also a major pay increase. I’m going to be making almost three grand a week and the bonus I got tonight is amazing. At this rate I can have a real home again!”

Fabrice looks away briefly before offering another smile. “Congrats chère, I’m proud of you.”


“Quel est le problème, Fabrice? You’re not eating and you’re barely talking.” Elise already knows what’s wrong with him, having read it in his body language but she rather hear him say it.

“Nothing, we’re enjoying your night out.”

She looks at him from underneath her lashes, using a different tactic. “Is it the money Fabrice, are you -“

He cuts her off forcefully, refusing to let her finish the sentence. “Non, I’m just thinking about Severin. I still don”t like leaving him alone with that girl.”

Elise stares at him for a few minutes more before letting it slide. She’ll get him to admit he hates her success sooner or later and then she’ll get to gloat about having the upper hand for once in her life.



Despite her own misgivings, sometimes Elise finds herself entertaining Severin before the babysitter arrives or Fabrice comes home from work. Its not that she doesn’t love her son but at 23 and on the verge of a budding acting career, a baby is the last thing she wants to spend her time on.

He’d served his purpose and got Fabrice to put a wedding band on her finger but in their present situation Severin was a hinderance. She quickly abandons the game of peek-a-boo, barely waiting for the babysitter to cross the threshold before making her way Downtown. She has waited almost two weeks to spend her money and nothing and no one can stop her.


Swedish massage: $100


Haircut: $300


Jewelry and clothes: $1,000


She is beyond excited when someone recognizes her from the set and compliments her on the new haircut. They chat for a few minutes about Elise’s future in the industry and the conversation leaves her floating in a cloud of success and narcissism. She can’t deny that in that moment she is actually pleased with Fabrice’s disinheritanc, for once she’s allowed to be the star.


A.N: Just wanted to clarify that I’m not making Elise a disinterested mother, she’s that all on her own.


That was her first reaction when they came home from dinner and I can’t even begin to explain my shock since I didn’t even know Sims could do that. I hope that I’m conveying both sides of Elise, not just the greed. Next update I’ll try to get further into both their motivations for being together.

Sorry to those that read before and the post was missing the final part. I had planned to leave it until their next update but I remembered that it isn’t until January and that means snow and coats.

Tu es la femme de mes rêves – You are the woman of my dreams