(mini-update) Summer 2010: Rev. Noble Greene is 46, Fabrice Lemieux is 26.


Noble appreciates the quiet days when he can slowly work on a stimulating crossword before revising the next day’s sermon. For him, it can only be God’s grace that allows quiet contemplation and reflection in an area that is normally filled with the noise of traffic and people with places to go. It reminds him that he is grateful for his posting here despite it being several years now since he first came over on the ferry.

Noble finds himself wondering what life would have been like if he’d turned down the island posting. He would have probably been in large city, where a strange face is a common occurrence and most believe the church is a thing of the past. Shaking his head at his dramatic thoughts, he continues working on his crossword puzzle until he hears footsteps on the stone pathway.

He isn’t surprised to see Fabrice Lemieux, the troubled young man often coming to him after service to simply talk. However, Fabrice surprises him by opening up about some of his problems.


Fabrice hesitates for a moment before speaking. “I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to leave for my son, not in terms of money but his idea of who I am…what kind of man his father is. I don’t want him to grow up believing that a gas station attendant is the best that his father can do.”

Noble nods and tries to hide his pleasure. He’s been trying to get him to open up for months, ever since he noticed the haunted look in Fabrice’s eyes. He doesn’t comment on that, he never will, instead he says. “They will finish validating your Economics degree by the end of August, right?”



“Then Fabrice you need a plan,” he explains. “When you got your degree what did you plan to do with it? Can you still do the same thing here? Where does you passion pull you? These are all things you must think about if you want to make a success out of your new life. God has plans for you but you must put in the leg work.”

“I wanted to take over my family trust…”

Noble notes the lost look in his eyes and places a gentle hand on his shoulder. “But you can’t and although its hard you must put it behind you, at least for now. What drew you here Fabrice? What did you want to tell me?”


Noble allows him to pull away and waits patiently for him to speak his mind.

“Reverend Greene I’ve been thinking about art. I’ve always been drawn to it, especially photography.” He pauses, fidgeting  a bit before continuing. “It’s one of the things my mother and I had in common.”

He forces himself to ignore the glaring ‘had’, aware that Fabrice needs him to focus on his present dilemma and that eventually they will get to all that holds him back. “That is a worthwhile pursuit and very rewarding. Have you had any formal training?”


“No Reverend, just lots of exposure.”

They laugh at the small joke and Noble reaches inside the door and grabs some pamphlets. “Take these. I usually give them to the teens at the orphanage and the youth center but quite a few adults need them too. Cahill University has online courses and I believe they offer one on photography.”

“I-I don’t know what to say. Merci Révérend.”

He notices the almost reverent way Fabrice takes the pamphlets and he smiles, aware that this is a new avenue opening for the young man. “Your welcome and stop doubting yourself Fabrice. You’re a good man who is taking care of his family despite the struggle, how can God not reward you?”

Fabrice reaches out and shakes Noble’s hand. “I can’t thank you enough for your help.”

“It’s my pleasure, my calling in life.”


With another nod of thanks Fabrice starts home and Noble stares after him hoping that their talk has set him on the path of self-assurance and fulfillment.


A.N: Ok first I just want to say please ignore the disappearing bench. Its a long story and not really that interesting.

This lil update is a complete surprise since my whole plan was to do minor things for the hood and that included moving in the non-playable playables the Reverend and the Mayor. Imagine my surprise when I move in the good Reverend and Fabrice immediately shows up. He wasn’t even part of the welcome wagon because that was Elise Lemieux, Kalen Behar and Gabriele Valdez.

What I find ever crazier is that they start talking about art and business at the such and I can’t lie I was looking over Fabrice’s stats the other day and had the idea for him to go into photography. It seems like a good fit for him but I was wondering how to do it organically. Well never fear, the Sims are here. Looks like Fabrice came to that conclusion all on his own, so there you go.

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