Fall 2010Arthur is 27, Marie is 26,  A.J. is 4 and Sarah is 2


His mother always told him he had none of that red head spark, always cool and calm like a mountain lake. Arthur had realized at a young age that she meant he wasn’t boisterous and fun like his older brother; that unfortunately like his father, he was better suited to spending his life among the soil.

The implication never phased him. He’s grown up on his ancestral farm, at his father’s side learning how to properly plant the food that not only nourished him and his family but many families living on the Cove. It’s what Heredons have done for generations, how could he not be proud especially since he’s moved the home based business to its own building across the street.

Waving to Quinn and Jacob, Arthur locks the doors to the greenhouse and the building and walks slowly across the street toward the house. He can hear the baby crying about a taken toy, Marie scolding A.J. about his behavior and goes into the greenhouse instead.


Picking up the bag of fertilizer Arthur allows the familiar patterns of work to sooth him. Sometimes he wishes he isn’t the type of man to meet the issues head on. He wishes that for once he can just work, day dream and pretend that his problems don’t exist, but he’s a man of the here and now and his marriage is falling apart.

It’s hard to love a man like him, too self contained and reserved for a woman sensitive to every moment of silence. He’d warned Marie when they were nineteen that loving him was a mistake, that he’ll only make her happy for a few short years and then she’ll want more than a grubby farm boy.

He’d been right. Marie hates that he spends so much time in the gardens, getting up early to tend to them at the market and then working late with them at home. He could hear her voice now: You’re never home. You never spend time with the kids. You’re dirty. Don’t touch the baby, your hands aren’t clean.


Her tone is weary when he comes inside but steadily escalating to accusations and he knows the kids have been put to bed. “I don’t know if I can do this anymore. I feel like I’m doing everything by myself while you’re outside playing in the dirt. I work all day at the school then come home, take care of the baby and make sure dinner is on the table. The only time I ever see you is when dinner is ready and sometimes not even then.”

He wants to deny it, refuse her statement that he’s some kind of absentee father and husband but realizes he can’t. He’s not home a lot of the time. “I have to work Marie. I have responsibilities -”


“Yes, to you family! You barely know your children. Sarah doesn’t like to be alone with you and A.J will be an adult before you finally realize that he worth more than those stupid plants. Did you even know the Mayor’s son, James,  came over to play today or that Sarah’s learned three new words? And what about me? I feel like a single parent who has a visitor every once in awhile ”

Of course Arthur knew, he only works across the street.


He’d watched the town car pull up to his house and smiled when A.J ran out laughing and screaming, the nanny not far behind him. A quick conversation had seen him leaving the guys at the market and heading to his private greenhouse so he could keep an eye on the boys.

He listened at laughed at their wild stories and plans to visit the yearly carnival on the continent and even joined in a game of catch, secure in the knowledge that he’d purchased their ferry tickets for the visit two days ago and that A.J would be excited.


And of course he knew Sarah’s three new words. She’d been proud to show them off during their usual early morning get-togethers when she decided  she didn’t want to sleep anymore. They were apple, water, and bubble and each word shared was  a precious memory for both of them.

Arthur doesn’t bother to share this with her because he knows that isn’t the point. The children are never really the point of their arguments. Marie wants passion in their lives and after ten years of knowing each other and five years of marriage she still doesn’t want to acknowledge that he’s not the passionate type. He was built to be solid and stable not mercurial and intense.

“I need more Arthur. We need to fix this or move on.” Marie says.

“Maybe you’re right, maybe we need to get a separation or a divorce … but stay away from my brother Marie.” He ignores her denials and outrage, walking toward the door so that he can go to the one place where he can think. “If you want to leave I guess I can’t stop you but don’t mess with their marriage because I can’t give you what you need. It isn’t fair.”


A.N: I’m finally back and it feels good. This was a strange house but I think I say that about all my families. I spent quite some time in this house trying to get a feel for them and was surprised when divorce occurred to me. They are a very distant couple who don’t try to spend time together. They don‘t cuddle in their sleep, they rarely talk and hell ACR never kicked in once for them but they are still a two-bolter.

It makes no sense and got worse when Marie rolled the want to fall in love with John. WHAT? What woman wants to fall in love with her husband’s brother? Marie does and I think its cause John is sexing up all the ladies and her husband comes home very late and gets up very early. Its sad but they seem on the very edge of disaster. Too bad they can’t just roll a want and let me know.

Random question but are the updates too short? I know my earlier ones were longer and probably wordier but are these too short to get a good look? Thought just keeps circling my mind