We’re going back around, so that means ROS gets to come into play. I’m excited.

  • Throw a party – Anniversary. (This might not turn out so great for this Sim)
  • Bonus for a job well done. You’re rewarded $550 (They need all the money they can get)
  • Crime does pay! Sim must spend all free time counterfeiting for 3 days. If caught, they go to jail for 4 days. (While fun, this could have some long reaching consequences)
  • Unexpected pregnancy – impregnate/get pregnant by the next Sim woohoo with. (I’m not sure how I feel yet…)

I’m going to be changing the calendar around to get the years rolling. Its going to be a simple shift from months to season and I probably will do a few mini updates in-between if I feel the story warrants it.