This is my first tax collection ever and I’m a bit excited. I really don’t know why since this fictional money does not become real money for me to spend. Well, I’m sure I can use it to make Heredon Cove look better. It’s about time I prod the Mayor to start improving our school buildings. I’m going to have an influx of children this fall.

I’m doing a 15% tax rate with $1,000 tax credit for married couples and $1,500 for each child. Let’s all thank Laura for making our taxes easier. Oh and Apple Valley cause she had some cool ass tax calculators in that Excel sheet.

Family Taxes:

Behar: Networth: $29,858. Credit: 1 Child. Taxes Paid: $2,978

Caliente: Networth: $3,134. No Taxes Paid. (Yea, Dina is broke. Everytime she gets a little cash she goes shopping.)

A. Heredon: Networth: $75,983. Credit: 2 Children, Married. Taxes Paid: $7,397

J.Heredon: Networth: $110,195. Credit: 2 Children, Married. Taxes Paid: 12,529

S. Heredon: Networth: $95,868. Credit: 2 Children. Taxes Paid: $11,380

Lemieux: Networth: $21,327. Credit: 1 Child, Married. Taxes Paid: $699

Valdez: Networth: $25,457. Credit: 2 Children, Married. Taxes Refund: $182

Wright: Networth: $94,117. Credit: 2 Children, Married. Taxes Paid: $10,117

The total amount of tax collected from the families is $45, 100. Why that’s nothing at all but all is saved when we multiply by 3 for the townies and playable NPC’s, which brings us to $135,300. Not a bad chunk of change. I guess the Mayor and the Overlord have to discuss what areas need this money most.

Business License and Taxes:

Heredon Herald (Sam Heredon): License: $525. Taxes: $1,760

Farmer’s Market (Arthur Heredon): License: $525. Taxes: $420

Dining on the Cove (John Heredon): License: $700. Taxes: $380

Kal’s (Kalen Behar): License: $1,500. Taxes: $300

The total amount collected from the playable businesses is $6,910 (have to love that filing fee) and multiplied by 3 we get $20, 730. Business are currently taxes fairly low at 10% because the Mayor is trying to convince as many people as possible that entrepreneurship is possible.