**Links Fixed** At N99 I showed some of you the recolors of Bunhead’s B’s Secretary Dress and you said you would like them when I was done. I didn’t do all of Curious B’s colors because I just didn’t need them all but I think I chose a good variety. I also did a few recolors of the Vintage Sweater top, also in Curious B’s colors. I just got Photoshop so I might be going a tad overboard but it’s all in good fun.

Download Link

I did the dress in Adonis, Apple Blossom, Cove, Foxglove, Gypsy Rose, Milk, Primrose, Red Wine and Seal.

Download Link

I did the sweater in Adonis, Apple Blossom, Dusk, Forget Me Not, Mango, Primrose, Red Wine, Spring Leaf, and Terracotta.

Hope you like it!