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I haven’t posted anything since February and part of it’s been because I’ve been working on a lot more TS3 conversions but I’ve also felt intimidated – for lack of a better word – by the blog. There’s also this sort of internal pressure to achieve a goal although I’m not sure what that goal is but failing to achieve it  has kept  me away.

I like writing though and I like being part of this little community I kind off stumbled my way into so that means I have to adapt.



I made Simlish recolors of the SimsConnection Coffee Time poster and shelves for Jake’s Brew so here I am sharing. I reworded some of the boxes and used the ATS2 posters for others. I hope you like it.

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No one seems to know who Jake is but that doesn’t stop them for coming in for their daily espresso. For this lot I chose to go with a hipster vibe  but a hipster who’s a bit of a sci fi nerd. I chose lots  of leathers and dark woods with white as an accent. Upstairs is a stage set up for the few live shows that occasionally roll through and side room for the guests to prepare. This one took a bit longer to pin down but I think I managed it. I might add a bit more to it later but we’ll see.


A vintage inspired salon for the lovely ladies of Heredon Cove to enjoy a bit of pampering. I wanted it to be a bit upmarket without being stuffy and I think I managed to get that. I chose a lot of vintage shapes with the furniture and made sure all the art evoked a different era. Another Nengi65 lot, sensing a pattern?


This is the local flower shop, always lush with different types of plants and flowers from around the world. I tried to think about the type of person who would run this shop but except for someone’s who OTH is Nature and leans toward modern furniture I’m lost. This is another Nengi65 lot from the Factory Living set.


I started redecorating a lot of my community lots, and yes I know I’m suppose to be writing that dinner scene, but I wanted to do something fun. Plus, I wanted to have a nice background for when I sent my Sims out and about.

The lot is one of Nengi65’s and I just redecorated the inside. I wanted an edgy yet artsy and quirky so I went for bright colors to play off the black. I think it looks really nice with the all the brick and glass.


Since the laptop is broken and a new one not currently on the horizon, I’ve been spending my time enjoying the cold NY weather and working on some background stuff for HC.

I’ve finally managed to finish developing the higher education aspect and I’m quite happy with it. Somethings are missing, like picture and some of my custom careers, but those will be added as soon as I get a new shiny in my hands. Hope you enjoy what I have so far.

  1. Career Education Requirements
  2. Cahill University
  3. Northdale City College

Note: Special thank to AV because of course Sims should need more than a BA to operate on people

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