Heredon Cove was given $1 mil to start with courtesy of the Hand of God and will pay for all renovations, welfare, etc from that pile. Also taxes go into it too.

Government Assistance: Sims who apply and qualify for government assistance will receive a check based on marital status, weekly income, and number of children. This is set up through Monique’s Automatic Payment Mod and is drawn from the neighborhood wide funds.

Taxes: Sims will be required to pay taxes once a year in the Spring which will be allotted to the Mayor Sim for further development and maintenance of Heredon Cove. Payment percents fall into two different categories(15 or 20%), depending on property value, household funds, and current pay level.

Businesses: Sims are required to go to Heredon Cove Courthouse and apply for a business license and are renewed every two years. There is a filing fee of $200 and the fee for the business license depends on the type.

  • Restaurants: $700
  • Bakeries: $600
  • Retail: $525
  • Nightclub: $1,000
  • Brothels: $1,500

Business Tax: Business taxes are paid yearly and in Spring. There are a few factors taken into account: business rank, business net worth and # of employees.

Child Support: Child support is based on a few factors: custodial parent’s weekly wages, non custodial parent’s weekly wages, # of children from the marriage, # of children non custodial parent has outside of marriage. The support can be payed weekly or in a lump sum.

Spousal Support: Spousal support is based on a few factors: the payer’s income, the spouse’s income, and whether there was an affair. There will be a roll to decide whether a Sim gets spousal support.

Note: The child support and spousal support calculators were made by Apple Valley and have been a great help to me. I used them as a base to also create my business income tax calculator, income tax calculator, and government assistance calculator. I never knew Excel was made of so much win.


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