Time Progression: I love the idea of giving them real ages so I’m going to try to keep up with my continual seasons. There will of course be mini-updates so that storylines don’t get lost but we’ll see who gets it each time

Random Occurrence Scenario: With the help of Hook’s Randomizer, I randomize almost every part of my Sims. I find that its a good way for me to get a variety because if it was up to me there would never be any Romance Sims and I think its time to leave that behind. I use it to determine everything from zodiac signs and traits to what their sexual orientation is and whether they graduate from college. It also helps me determine what will happen in my sims’ lives each round (two years). It can range from affecting a household to affecting the entire neighborhood, depends on the luck of the roll.

Traits: All thanks go to Apple Valley for this one because its simply genius. It takes the trait system from the Sims 3 and applies it to our lovable Simmes. Not automatic like in the Sims 3, the trait system is none the less enjoyable for storytellers because its allows the writer to apply a set amount of traits the Sims and have them stick to it in their responses to certain changes. They get an option of three traits, which are randomized. Here are a few in my ROS: Defiant, Gullible, Paranoid, etc. I believe I have about 75 traits to choose from.

Interests, Zodiac signs and game created personality traits will also have an influence on the Sim’s decisions and behavior.


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