Established in 1903, Cahill University is one of the premiere universities in the region if Sims are interested in a traditional liberal arts education. Located on the outskirts of a quiet suburban town, CU has developed its own thriving economy with the steady stream of students and employees constantly coming and going.

Quick Facts:

  • CU is a traditional 4 year university with a 2 year option for Associate’s degree.
  • $6,000 per semester, room and board included.
  • CU offers online courses for Associate’s to Advanced degrees
  • CU had major requirements along with general requirements in order to qualify for graduation.

General Requirements:

  • Associate’s Degree: 18 skill points, 4 interest points in areas relevant to degree, write one major research paper.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 25 skill points, 8 interest points in areas relevant to degree, write a senior thesis.
  • Master’s Degree: 35 skill points, 16 interest points in areas relevant to degree, write two major research papers and one master’s thesis or a master’s showcase. (Get to silver badge level)
  • Advanced Degree: 50 skill points, 25 interest points in areas relevant to degree, four major research papers and a doctorate thesis or doctorate showcase. (Get gold badge level)

Major Requirements for Bachelor’s Degree:

School of Humanities:

  • Art: Showcase five paintings/photographs.
  • Creative Writing: Write a novel/book of poetry
  • Dance: Put on a showcase performance
  • Drama: Put on a showcase performance
  • Journalism: Write five articles
  • Literature: Write a novel
  • Music: Put on a showcase performance
  • Philosophy: Write a book of theories
  • Web design: Showcase four advertisements

School of Social Sciences:

  • Economics: Obtain bronze sales badge
  • History: Find an artifact
  • International Relationships and Diplomacy: Join university sanctioned Secret Society.
  • Law: Participate in mock trial
  • Political Science: Hold standing as Big Man/Woman on campus
  • Psychology: Work as a student teacher for a semester

School of Natural Sciences:

  • Biology: Volunteer at medical clinic
  • Chemistry: Make a successful creation with biotech machine
  • Marine Biology: Bronze fishing badge
  • Natural Science: Collect four bug samples
  • Physics: Bronze robotics badge

School of Formal Sciences:

  • Mathematics: Showcase five building sketches
  • Games Engineering: Win a gaming competition

Note: Most of the majors are linked to specific careers, ignoring the fact that multiple majors link to multiple careers.

Online Degrees/Training Certification:

  • Cahill University offers options for eager learners who are unable to move to campus. There is a thriving online system with dedicated professors to walk students, no matter the age, through every step of the process. This is essential for adults who are looking to gain degrees beyond the B.A and are unable to move their families closer to the school.
  • CU also offers online training certification in a variety areas for those looking for an extra boost to their careers.

Training Certifications


  • complement to Art degree (started after Associate’s degree) with three levels to certification.
  • Bronze: four creativity points, three mechanical points, passing grade in photography challenge: ten photos of family and friends.
  • Silver: seven creativity points, five mechanical points, passing grade in photography challenge: ten photos of architecture and buildings.
  • Gold: ten creativity points, seven mechanical points, passing grade in photography challenge: ten photos of Sims in motion.

6 Responses to “Cahill University”

  1. LaToya Says:

    Nice! Will you accept transfer or “out of state” students?

    1. HeredonCove Says:

      That would be super fun and I would be down for whichever way we manage to do it.

  2. trntm Says:

    Ohh, I concur. I can think of a few AV students who would like to attend.

    I love this, I will definately be swiping some of your certification details. When will we see this in action in your hood?

    ~Apple Valley

    1. HeredonCove Says:

      We can totally set up an transfer program, they would have fun here.

      I got the certification idea from Fabrice’s desire to be an artist and reading up on some Sims 3 details. I have a few more that I want to add.

      There are a few Sims that need to go back to school, so as soon as the new laptop comes I’ll start pumping this out

  3. maisie Says:

    This is amazing!!! I really want to put up all my college information and figure it out to this much detail now. Perfect timing, I’ve been rebuilding mine since summer, and I just may get this all figured out now before I finish rebuilding.

    1. HeredonCove Says:

      I’ve been working on it slowly too, now all I have to do is develop the actual site. I don’t have a real push to develop it because all my kids are SO young. I need to get a move on.

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