Note: Sims who receive job tips or promotions through their friends and family and don’t have the necessary degrees have a two years to get the qualifications to keep their jobs.


  • Associate’s: Ambassador’s Intern, Spelunker
  • Bachelor’s: Multiregional Sim of Some Question, Deep Sea Excavator, Relic Liberator, Dread Pirate, Warhead Disarmer, Hostage Negotiator,
  • Master’s: International Sim of Mystery, Space Pirate


  • No degree: Cement Mixer, Brick Layer, Foreman
  • Associate’s: Head of Construction Company
  • Bachelor’s: Architect’s Apprentice, Draftsman, Architect, Architectural Partner
  • Master’s: Master Architect, City Planner


  • No degree: Canvas Stretcher, Street Caricaturist, Souvenir Whittler, Comic Book Penciller, Wedding Photographer
  • Associate’s: Art Forger, Fashion Photographer,
  • Bachelor’s: Acclaimed Muralist, Conceptual Artist, Visionary


  • No degree: Team Mascot, Minor Leaguer
  • Associate’s: Rookie, Starter, All Star, MVP, Superstar, Ass. Coach, Coach, Hall of Famer


  • No degree: Mailroom Clerk, Executive Assistant
  • Associate’s: Field Sales Rep,
  • Bachelor’s: Junior Executive, Executive, Senior Manager, Vice President
  • Master’s: President, CEO, Business Tycoon


  • No degrees for anything


  • No degree: Dishwasher, Drive through Clerk, Fastfood Shiftman, Host/Hostess, Waiter
  • Associate’s: Prep Cook, Sous Chef
  • Bachelor’s: Executive Chef, Restaurateur, Celebrity Chef


  • No degree: Aerobics Instructor, Backup Dancer, SimJazzer Instructor, Pop n Lock Performer, Dance Video Star
  • Associate’s: Interpretive Dancer, Tap Dancer, Ballroom Dancer
  • Bachelor’s: Flamenco Master, World Class Ballet Dancer


  • No degree: Playground Monitor, Teacher’s Aide
  • Bachelor’s: Substitute Teacher
  • Master’s: Elementary School Teacher, High School Teacher, University Guest Lecturer, High School Principal
  • Advanced Degree: College Senior Professor, College Dean of Students, Education Minister


  • No degree for anything


  • No degree: Gumshoe, Private Eye
  • Bachelor’s: Crime Scene Investigator, Surveillance Operator, Reconnaissance Communicator, Rookie Field Agent, Double Agent, Elite Operative
  • Master’s: Head of SCIA


  • No degree: N00b, Button Masher, Trash Talker, Gold Farmer, Flag Capturer, Platform Jumper, Power Leveler, Real Time Strategizer, Guild Leader
  • Bachelor’s: Game Designer


  • No degree: Yearbook Club Supervisor, Blog Writer, Internet Media Critic, Fact Checker
  • Associate’s: Obituary Writer, Horoscope Writer
  • Bachelor’s: Sports Columnist, Investigatory Journalist, Magazine Editor, Media Magnate


  • No degree: File Clerk, Law Firm Receptionist, Legal Secretary
  • Associate’s: Legal Biller, Paralegal
  • Advanced Degree: Personal Injury Lawyer, Family Law Attorney, International Corporate Lawyer, Entertainment Attorney, The Law

Law Enforcement

  • No degree: Security Guard
  • Associate’s: Cadet, Patrol Officer, Desk Sergeant, Vice Squad, Detective, Lieutenant, SWAT Leader
  • Bachelor’s: Police Chief


  • Associate’s: Emergency Medical Technician
  • Bachelor’s: Paramedic
  • Master’s: Nurse
  • Advanced Degree: Intern, Resident, General Practitioner, Specialist, Surgeon, Medical Researcher, Chief of Staff


  • No degree: Recruit, Elite Forces, Drill Instructor
  • Associate’s: Junior Officer, Counter Intelligence, Flight Instructor
  • Bachelor’s: Senior Officer, Commander
  • Master’s: Astronaut, General


  • No degree: Record Store Clerk, Piano Tuner, Coffee Shop Sound Engineer
  • Associate’s: Summer Camp Music Teacher, Battle of the Bands Judge, Roadie
  • Bachelor’s: Studio Musician, Concert Pianist, Symphony Conductor, Rock God

Natural Scientist

  • No degree: Ratkeeper, Algae Hunter
  • Associate’s: Clam Wrangler, Scatmaster
  • Bachelor’s: Soil Identifier
  • Master’s: Rogue Botanist, Animal Linguist, Unnatural Crossbreeder
  • Advanced Degree: Dinosaur Cloner, Ecological Guru


  • No degree: Fish Chummer, Dolphin Tank Cleaner
  • Associate’s: Sea Lice Research Assistant, Dive Master
  • Bachelor’s: Underwater Demolitionist
  • Master’s: Marine Biologist, Whale Tracker, Deep Sea Fisherman, Protector of Whales, Hand of Poseidon


  • No degree: Campaign Worker
  • Associate’s: Intern, Lobbyist
  • Bachelor’s: Campaign Manager, City Council Member
  • Master’s: State Assemblyperson, Congress person
  • Advanced Degree: Judge, Senator, Mayor


  • No degree: Test Subject
  • Associate’s: Lab Assistant
  • Bachelor’s: Field Researcher
  • Master’s: Science Teacher, Project Leader, Inventor
  • Advanced Degree: Scholar, Top Secret Researcher, Theorist, Mad Scientist

Show Business

  • No degree: Screentest Stand-In, Body Double, Bit Player, Commercial Actor/Actress, Cartoon Voice
  • Associate’s: Supporting Player
  • Bachelor’s: Broadway Star, Leading Man/Lady, Blockbuster Director, Icon


  • No degree for anything

4 Responses to “Career Education Requirements”

  1. trntm Says:

    I like how you added a master’s degree with your plans. I originally didn’t add it so I wouldn’t have all these degrees to keep up with-yea, I’m lazy-but I’ve been thinking about adding a degree bewteen bachelor’s and advanced degree. *swips*…*swipper no swiping* cookies if you know where that came from.

    ~Apple Valley

    1. HeredonCove Says:

      The Education track gave me the idea because most of those teaching jobs need an M.A, so I just tacked it on. It is a lot to keep track of though so we’ll just have to see how I do.

      Swiper the Fox, of course.

  2. Monique Says:

    This may seem like a real stupid question. How do you prevent a sim from advancing in his/her career regardless of his/her skill points?

    1. HeredonCove Says:

      One way is through the amount of friends and the other is the job performance bar. I’m pretty sure if you keep it low then they won’t get a promotion.

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