Summer 2011: Marie Heredon are 27, Gabriella Valdez is 26, A.J Heredon is 4 and Sarah Heredon is 3. Last update: Fall 2010

Soundtrack: “Are We Really Through” by Ray LaMontagne

They used to do this together. She would wait patiently at the nursery door, watching Sarah dream her sweet little girl dreams and listening for the familiar creak of the old spiral staircase that signaled his arrival home. There was harmony to their movements. He would stand behind her, one arm around her waist and the other raised high to rest on the door frame. She would lean against him and breathe deeply, inhaling the unique mix of ocean salt and rich soil that so often clung to his clothes and skin. She would bring his hand up to place a kiss on his palm, fascinated by the layer of dirt that would cover him from elbow to wrist yet his hands were always meticulously clean.


I made Simlish recolors of the SimsConnection Coffee Time poster and shelves for Jake’s Brew so here I am sharing. I reworded some of the boxes and used the ATS2 posters for others. I hope you like it.

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Summer 2011: Dina Caliente and Nina Wright are 30, Gregory Wright is 32, Alexa Wright is 5 and Reagan Wright is 2. Last update: Summer 2011

Soundtrack: “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone.

A.N: Long, almost 4,000 words long but I added pages so it should make it easier to read.

Dina hadn’t expected him to believe her, not simply on her word alone. She expected him to stutter and stumble his way through questions before dismissing her from his office to make a hasty phone call to Nina. She hadn’t expected his eyes to narrow in concentration and to feel the heavy weight of his gaze assessing her, taking in the shape of her face, the curve of her lips and the arch of her brow. He nodded his head, stood taller and Dina had thought maybe there was something to this man her sister had married. He hesitated only once before settling on whatever decision he’d made. “Do you have dinner plans tonight?”


No one seems to know who Jake is but that doesn’t stop them for coming in for their daily espresso. For this lot I chose to go with a hipster vibe  but a hipster who’s a bit of a sci fi nerd. I chose lots  of leathers and dark woods with white as an accent. Upstairs is a stage set up for the few live shows that occasionally roll through and side room for the guests to prepare. This one took a bit longer to pin down but I think I managed it. I might add a bit more to it later but we’ll see.


This project started because I needed a new poster for my coffee house and I loathe not having things in Simlish so I decided to do a recolor of that giant Simconnection menu. Then from there I decided I didn’t have enough Simlish posters period and that spawned this project. It’s a bit science fiction heavy because that’s going to be my bookstore/coffee house theme. There are 24 (25?) in total and sadly the last set I don’t have a preview of but have included the photos in the rar file.

The Tesla one is missing because I seem incapable of counting and I was too lazy to start over. Source for the scientists and the others are from a Google search.

The Misc. set doesn’t have any writing on it but all the files are clearly labeled so you can pick and choose what you want. The majority of them are on the “Travelkeeper” mesh, two are on “Suspense” mesh and three are on the “Transcendence” Mesh.

Download link

A vintage inspired salon for the lovely ladies of Heredon Cove to enjoy a bit of pampering. I wanted it to be a bit upmarket without being stuffy and I think I managed to get that. I chose a lot of vintage shapes with the furniture and made sure all the art evoked a different era. Another Nengi65 lot, sensing a pattern?


This is the local flower shop, always lush with different types of plants and flowers from around the world. I tried to think about the type of person who would run this shop but except for someone’s who OTH is Nature and leans toward modern furniture I’m lost. This is another Nengi65 lot from the Factory Living set.