Here’s a list of the various resources I use:

Default Skins: Rensim’s Peau XHiRes Standards. I absolutely adore them, mostly because of the extensive darker skintone levels. Not many skintone creators pay attention to the darker range. Rated R, for the essential bits. Non-defaults are also part of that set.

Default Eyes: Siluetta’s Sparkling Eyes, converted to defaults by myself. TSR Pay, which you can find at the booty.

Facial Masks: Rensim’s Facekit and Simple Life. A mix of simple contouring shadows and age related wrinkles

Face Templates: Pooklet

Freckles: My freckles are genetic, mostly because they’re linked to the eyes. I modified this template by vidde with Siluetta’s eyes and Clover’s freckles. I have a dark and light set of freckles.



  • CounterfeitCollegeDiploma


  • Mortgage Shrub


  • alfixes
  • antiredundancy
  • antivacationactions
  • antiweatherreactions
  • apthack
  • autonomycontrol
  • autosoc
  • babycontrol
  • breakupfix
  • businessrunsyou
  • comm-skilling
  • customerselector
  • dropoldloves
  • ffsdebugg
  • harderjobs
  • jobfixes
  • localwalkby
  • ltwvariety
  • macrotastics
  • moneyorder
  • no20khandout
  • nobabyharrasment
  • nodormieregen
  • noinstantlove
  • nossrespawn
  • nostrayrespawn
  • notownieregen
  • relevantwages
  • romancemod


  • Hacked Computer
  • Automatic Payment Mod


  • FeedBaby
  • nomemoryuneducated
  • NoMoreWitch
  • nowantsatisfyuneducated
  • PregnancyWearAnyOutfit
  • TalkLecture
  • TeenNanny
  • TeentoYoungAdultNoCollge
  • WatchKidsEnabled
  • yaBirthDayCakefixed


  • ACR
  • CollegeAdjuster
  • SimBlender
  • Teen/Adult Attraction


  • Summer vacation

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