Summer 2011: Dina Caliente and Nina Wright are 30, Gregory Wright is 32, Alexa Wright is 5 and Reagan Wright is 2. Last update: Summer 2011

Soundtrack: “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone.

A.N: Long, almost 4,000 words long but I added pages so it should make it easier to read.

Dina hadn’t expected him to believe her, not simply on her word alone. She expected him to stutter and stumble his way through questions before dismissing her from his office to make a hasty phone call to Nina. She hadn’t expected his eyes to narrow in concentration and to feel the heavy weight of his gaze assessing her, taking in the shape of her face, the curve of her lips and the arch of her brow. He nodded his head, stood taller and Dina had thought maybe there was something to this man her sister had married. He hesitated only once before settling on whatever decision he’d made. “Do you have dinner plans tonight?”



Since the laptop is broken and a new one not currently on the horizon, I’ve been spending my time enjoying the cold NY weather and working on some background stuff for HC.

I’ve finally managed to finish developing the higher education aspect and I’m quite happy with it. Somethings are missing, like picture and some of my custom careers, but those will be added as soon as I get a new shiny in my hands. Hope you enjoy what I have so far.

  1. Career Education Requirements
  2. Cahill University
  3. Northdale City College

Note: Special thank to AV because of course Sims should need more than a BA to operate on people

This is my first tax collection ever and I’m a bit excited. I really don’t know why since this fictional money does not become real money for me to spend. Well, I’m sure I can use it to make Heredon Cove look better. It’s about time I prod the Mayor to start improving our school buildings. I’m going to have an influx of children this fall.

I’m doing a 15% tax rate with $1,000 tax credit for married couples and $1,500 for each child. Let’s all thank Laura for making our taxes easier. Oh and Apple Valley cause she had some cool ass tax calculators in that Excel sheet.

I know its been a long time but I’m back to work on Heredon Cove. I had a lot of things going on family wise that knocked my interest out of the game and I do want to apologize for not telling you I would be away. My stepmother was starting her chemo, my uncle passes away and playing with my virtual friends didn’t seem nearly as important as being around people.

I do want to apologize for not leaving a little note but I didn’t think that it would be January before I returned. I’ll slowly get back to reading blogs and posting here, so I’ll look forward to sharing HC with you once again.

We’re going back around, so that means ROS gets to come into play. I’m excited.

  • Throw a party – Anniversary. (This might not turn out so great for this Sim)
  • Bonus for a job well done. You’re rewarded $550 (They need all the money they can get)
  • Crime does pay! Sim must spend all free time counterfeiting for 3 days. If caught, they go to jail for 4 days. (While fun, this could have some long reaching consequences)
  • Unexpected pregnancy – impregnate/get pregnant by the next Sim woohoo with. (I’m not sure how I feel yet…)

I’m going to be changing the calendar around to get the years rolling. Its going to be a simple shift from months to season and I probably will do a few mini updates in-between if I feel the story warrants it.

Fall 2010 – Samuel is 32  (Rachel Heredon is 29)


Sam keeps a grueling schedule, immersing himself in the meditative act of writing his newest article almost from the moment he wakes up. He rarely gets frustrated anymore; once, two years ago, he would have stressed about improper word choice and she would have laughed and teased him into a smile but he doesn’t bother now — she’s gone and the article will still come together. (more…)

I got a question over the weekend that pushed me to do a post on the traits system I generously borrowed from Apple Valley and I really do appreciate it because I would be lost without it. I figured that simply emailing the traits list wouldn’t actually help since the disconnect wasn’t having a list of traits but actually implementing it.  So here’s is how I use it:

The Set-Up

Once I roll a trait for a Sim I spend a few minutes trying to get an idea of how these set of trait would affect a person, their relationships and their general view of the world. I think this is the best thing for story-telling because its gives you (the author) somewhere to start. This isn’t perfect because once I get into the game and play I find that my Sims make certain choices that influence my readings of how they interpret their own traits.