Fall 2011: Gabriela Valdez is 26, Nicolas Heredon is 7, Frederic and A.J Heredon are 5 and Taj Behar is 4.

A.J. likes it when they walk to school even though the wind is blowing so hard his ears and nose turns red. His mom always says to wear a hat if he insists on not wearing a jacket but it’s fun the way his hair flies around in the wind. He runs ahead, sliding his hand into his father’s and they smile at each other. He’s not a baby. He can walk down the street by himself, even cross it if his mom is watching, but he doesn’t mind when his dad wants to hold his hand.

They have the best time when Mom has to stay home from work with Sarah and it’s just the two of them. They get to talk about man stuff like going fishing and looking for frogs, plus his dad smiles more. For a long time, A.J. thought his dad would never smile again and his stomach would always hurt when only three of them sat down for dinner.

He’s seen movies. He knows divorce is when daddies go far away and come back only a few times. There’s even a boy in his class who doesn’t have a mommy anymore because of divorce. Maybe tomorrow he’ll talk to Dad about what he’ll miss if he goes away and how much Sarah would cry.



Fall 2011: Kalen Behar is 26 and Taj Behar is 4. Last update: Fall 2010

Soundtrack: “Insects” by 10 Years

Warning: Simulated nudity.


(Mini-update) Spring 2011 – Teresa Gould is 28, Taj Behar is 4, Sofia Heredon is 4, Alexa Wright is 5, and A.J Heredon is 4.

In Teresa’s opinion the best way to start every morning is to do the Smustle with a bunch of over excited 4 and 5 year olds. It doesn’t matter to her that some people question using the town’s resources on what they consider a giant playpen instead of simply sending the children to public school, she knows the best ways to get the little ones interested in learning while still having fun.


We have two important birthdays this winter:
Taj Behar: 4 years old

Sofia: 4 years old

I think they’re both so cute especially Sofia who has Sam’s upturned nose. Taj managed to go from bald to a full head of hair in a single year. They both started the Head Start program a bit early because of their birthdays. (more…)

Fall 2010 – Kalen is 25 and Taj is 3


Sometimes Kalen wishes he could be called a decent father or even act like one but it’s not in him. At best, people would call him an absentee father and at the very worse, dead beat, but he’s never cared too much about what people thought. He might not spend his time caring for his son but he always makes sure someone does, only she isn’t there yet and right now Taj is getting on his nerves with his shrieks for attention.

“Stop screaming and use your words, Taj or I’m going to make you sit in there all day.”