I made Simlish recolors of the SimsConnection Coffee Time poster and shelves for Jake’s Brew so here I am sharing. I reworded some of the boxes and used the ATS2 posters for others. I hope you like it.

Download Link


This project started because I needed a new poster for my coffee house and I loathe not having things in Simlish so I decided to do a recolor of that giant Simconnection menu. Then from there I decided I didn’t have enough Simlish posters period and that spawned this project. It’s a bit science fiction heavy because that’s going to be my bookstore/coffee house theme. There are 24 (25?) in total and sadly the last set I don’t have a preview of but have included the photos in the rar file.

The Tesla one is missing because I seem incapable of counting and I was too lazy to start over. Source for the scientists and the others are from a Google search.

The Misc. set doesn’t have any writing on it but all the files are clearly labeled so you can pick and choose what you want. The majority of them are on the “Travelkeeper” mesh, two are on “Suspense” mesh and three are on the “Transcendence” Mesh.

Download link

**Links Fixed** At N99 I showed some of you the recolors of Bunhead’s B’s Secretary Dress and you said you would like them when I was done. I didn’t do all of Curious B’s colors because I just didn’t need them all but I think I chose a good variety. I also did a few recolors of the Vintage Sweater top, also in Curious B’s colors. I just got Photoshop so I might be going a tad overboard but it’s all in good fun.

Download Link

I did the dress in Adonis, Apple Blossom, Cove, Foxglove, Gypsy Rose, Milk, Primrose, Red Wine and Seal.

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I did the sweater in Adonis, Apple Blossom, Dusk, Forget Me Not, Mango, Primrose, Red Wine, Spring Leaf, and Terracotta.

Hope you like it!