(mini-update) Summer 2010: Rev. Noble Greene is 46, Fabrice Lemieux is 26.


Noble appreciates the quiet days when he can slowly work on a stimulating crossword before revising the next day’s sermon. For him, it can only be God’s grace that allows quiet contemplation and reflection in an area that is normally filled with the noise of traffic and people with places to go. It reminds him that he is grateful for his posting here despite it being several years now since he first came over on the ferry.

Noble finds himself wondering what life would have been like if he’d turned down the island posting. He would have probably been in large city, where a strange face is a common occurrence and most believe the church is a thing of the past. Shaking his head at his dramatic thoughts, he continues working on his crossword puzzle until he hears footsteps on the stone pathway.

He isn’t surprised to see Fabrice Lemieux, the troubled young man often coming to him after service to simply talk. However, Fabrice surprises him by opening up about some of his problems.