Severin has celebrated an important birthday this fall. Happy 4th birthday!

Nina is home alone with the children one chilly weekend when she feels the first signs that her new baby is coming into the world.



Winter 2011 – Fabrice is 27 and Elise is 24. Last update: Summer 2010

“Don’t worry so much Fabrice. You’ve been doing great work with us; your knowledge of the art we carry is thorough and from what I’ve seen your editing skills are growing steadily. You need some more practice but it’s actually impressive to see this level of improvement when you account for such a career change.” James Matthews reaches out and shakes the young Frenchman’s hand, a smile on his face. “I know its university policy to intern for only six months but I’m sure the gallery can get around that…if you want to stay.”

Oui! Yes, please. I would love to stay and—mon fils—we’ve started saving for private school.”

“Good, we can discuss a small increase in your salary later today. Enjoy your break and don’t let these women take advantage of you.” He says with a smirk, noting the women who were subtly staring at Fabrice from across the room. “I have to admit you are great for business.” (more…)

We have two important birthdays this winter:
Taj Behar: 4 years old

Sofia: 4 years old

I think they’re both so cute especially Sofia who has Sam’s upturned nose. Taj managed to go from bald to a full head of hair in a single year. They both started the Head Start program a bit early because of their birthdays. (more…)

Winter 2010/2011 – Gregory is 32, Nina is 29, and Reagan is 2. (Rachel Heredon is 30, Fabrice Lemieux is 27) Last update: Spring 2010


7 am: Once, a long time ago, Nina would have whined if she had to be awake and alert before 11 am. She had loved the simple luxury of laying in bed until she decided to get up and not the insistent car horn from a coworker trying to make it to work on time. She’d dreamed of being a rich important somebody’s wife — a doctor then — and looked forward to the many days of lazing in a giant bed but dreams tend to skew when they hit reality. (more…)

(mini-update) Summer 2010: Rev. Noble Greene is 46, Fabrice Lemieux is 26.


Noble appreciates the quiet days when he can slowly work on a stimulating crossword before revising the next day’s sermon. For him, it can only be God’s grace that allows quiet contemplation and reflection in an area that is normally filled with the noise of traffic and people with places to go. It reminds him that he is grateful for his posting here despite it being several years now since he first came over on the ferry.

Noble finds himself wondering what life would have been like if he’d turned down the island posting. He would have probably been in large city, where a strange face is a common occurrence and most believe the church is a thing of the past. Shaking his head at his dramatic thoughts, he continues working on his crossword puzzle until he hears footsteps on the stone pathway.

He isn’t surprised to see Fabrice Lemieux, the troubled young man often coming to him after service to simply talk. However, Fabrice surprises him by opening up about some of his problems.


Summer 2010: Fabrice is 26, Elise is 23, and Severin is 2


Elise has always known how to get what she wants. She learned at a young age that the sensual sway of her hips could make men follow her for miles and combined with her full lips they are always easy prey to her whims. She ignores Fabrice’s protests, sliding her body along the long length of his.

Fabrice pulls back briefly from her kisses. “Elise, the baby is downstairs by himself. We can’t just -”

His moans cut off the rest of his sentence and he arches his back when she caresses the sensitive spot on his neck. Elise leans down and whispers softly. “I never thought I would have to convince a Frenchman to make love to me.”


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Spring 2010 – Fabrice is 26, Elise is 23, and Severin is 2


Fabrice feels guilt, demoralizing guilt that buids every day he is unable to provide for his family the way he desires. He stares down at the worn wood floor and fights the impulse to cry, shame causing blood to rush to his face heating it.

This house embarrasses him, the threadbare furniture a reminder of all they’d left behind in France. Gone was the palatial spread of the family chateau and the knowledge that he would never have to worry about money, all of it replaced by a small run down house that he can barely afford and an assortment of odd jobs to ensure that he can keep it.

A fresh wave of guilt hits him as he thinks of the intense struggle he’d brought on his wife and child. If he’d only compromised with his parents instead of leaving, they wouldn’t be living on the rapidly dwindling remnants of his trust fund… but he couldn’t give in to their demands.

How could they ask him to abandon the mother of his child? Take his son and leave her destitute, happily moving on with his life? At the time, being disowned seemed a small thing to stand by her but now it loomed over him, coloring his every thought.