• Turn Ons: Black Hair, Fit
  • Turn Off: Logical
  • Hobby: Cuisine
  • Career Track: Own Business

General Bio: John while being logical only lives for pleasure, his boys and food. He can be a shrewd business man but its often undercut by his arrogance. His marriage isn’t a conventional one and while there is love it doesn’t come close to their passion. He discreetly flirts and sometimes woo other women but that is more out of respect for his wife than his family name.

  • Turn Ons: Make-Up, Hard Worker
  • Turn Off: Stink
  • Hobby: Fitness
  • Career Track: Own Business

General Bio: Rachel is a woman of great poise; she was raised knowing what is expected of her as a society wife and how to behave. Naturally very private, she was shocked at the passion she felt for the wildest Heredon boy. Rachel is more than happy to go along with their marriage because it gives her everything she expected out of her marriage: money, status and admiration – the intense desire is a bonus. However, she doesn’t expect to start having feelings for John.


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