• Turn Ons: Brown Hair, Glasses
  • Turn Offs: Good Cook
  • Hobby: Tinkering
  • Career Track: Own Business

General Bio: Arthur is always trying to do the right thing. It’s one of reasons he inherited the farm and not his older brother John. A very private man, he doesn’t mind taking on the burdens of his family’s farm and just hopes that one of his children will be willing to do the same thing. He can be a bit blunt but its all in an effort to keep whats going on from being distorted.

Arthur is courtesy of LL30 Sims

  • Turn Ons: Red Hair, Creative
  • Turn Offs: Grey Hair
  • Hobby: Film and Lit
  • Career Track: Education

General Bio: Marie has loved Arthur since she was 14 years old and was happy when he asked her to be his wife. Although it isn’t everything she thought it would be she’s glad to be his wife and the mother of his children. A little sensitive, Marie often doesn’t understand the way Arthur expresses himself or chooses not to.


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