• Turn Ons: Make up, Charismatic
  • Turn Off: Red Hair
  • Hobby: Arts and Craf
  • Career Track: Slacker

General Bio: Born into a wealthy family, Fabrice is used to the good things in life. Devoted to the idea of family, he is deeply hurt by his parents disowning him because of his choice of wife. However, Fabrice can be fiercly independent and decides to make his way in life on his own. He knows that he has to be strong for his family and works at trying to support them no matter what the job is.

  • Turn Ons: Athletic, Red Hair
  • Turn Off: Unemployed
  • Hobby: Film and Literature
  • Career Track: Show Business

General Bio: From a large, poor family, money and fame has always been at the forefront of Elise’s wants. Some what of a narcissus she has always wanted to be the center of attention, no matter who she has to step on and over and will gladly use people to get her way. Used to charming men with the power of her looks, she convinces Fabrice that she loves him and quickly falls pregnant so he will marry her.


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