• Turn On: Logical, Fatness
  • Turn Off: Glasses
  • Hobby: Science
  • Career Track: Oceanography

General Bio: Raised in an orphanage, Joaquin got used to the idea of planning things out to perfection so that there will always be money or food. Joaquin also perfected the ability to stand up for himself very forcefully, if needed. He is incredibly smart, an asset that helps him in his chosen career. His main weakness is his wife and daughters, often feeling like he’s not good enough to have Gabriela and the life they have so he continues to push himself very hard. The one person he often finds he can’t stand up to is his father in law.

  • Turn Ons: Underwear, Facial Hair
  • Turn Off: Unemployed
  • Hobby: Sports
  • Career Track: Education

General Bio: Gabriela moved to Argentina at a young age in an effort to escape her overbearing parents. Not long after her move, she meets Joaquin and falls in love. However, she often feels insecure about their marriage believing that a man as smart as Joaquin would not stay with her despite her sweet nature. This is a constant source of worry and Gabriela believes that if she gives him a son, like her mother said, then he will have no reason to leave her.


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