• Turn Ons: Red Hair, Unemployed
  • Turn Off: Mechanical
  • Hobby: Tinkering
  • Career Track: Politics

General Bio: Part of Heredon Cove’s most historic family; Gregory is very concerned with propriety and appearances. He can’t stomach the idea of a scandal of any kind. He tries to raise his children with those same values and requires the same for his wife. He isn’t one to be impulsive and is extremely careful in his personal and business relationships. The last thing he wants to do is do anything to embarrass his family and his name.

  • Turn Ons: Facial Hair, Fit
  • Turn Off: Grey Hair
  • Hobby: Music and Dance
  • Career Track: None

General Bio: Nina has always wanted more than her family could offer her so when she was old enough to get it she grabbed it with both hands. Relying on her confidence and considerable planning skills Dina snagged the husband she was always looking for and is not above lying to keep him right by her side. She never expected to love him so completely though and would do anything to keep her past a secret.


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