Severin has celebrated an important birthday this fall. Happy 4th birthday!

Nina is home alone with the children one chilly weekend when she feels the first signs that her new baby is coming into the world.



I finally managed to get my new laptop so I should be back to blogging this month. No, I haven’t abandoned this hobby because I honestly like it and the people involved too much to. I’ve had pictures for two updates waiting but I wanted to wait until I had the new shiny in had to post them.

I need to acquire the last four expansion packs and I have some planned changes to my neighborhood so things might not be totally up and running until later this month or even Feb. See you guys then!

We have two important birthdays this winter:
Taj Behar: 4 years old

Sofia: 4 years old

I think they’re both so cute especially Sofia who has Sam’s upturned nose. Taj managed to go from bald to a full head of hair in a single year. They both started the Head Start program a bit early because of their birthdays. (more…)