Pre Round

Fall 2010 – Samuel is 32  (Rachel Heredon is 29)


Sam keeps a grueling schedule, immersing himself in the meditative act of writing his newest article almost from the moment he wakes up. He rarely gets frustrated anymore; once, two years ago, he would have stressed about improper word choice and she would have laughed and teased him into a smile but he doesn’t bother now — she’s gone and the article will still come together. (more…)


Fall 2010 – Kalen is 25 and Taj is 3


Sometimes Kalen wishes he could be called a decent father or even act like one but it’s not in him. At best, people would call him an absentee father and at the very worse, dead beat, but he’s never cared too much about what people thought. He might not spend his time caring for his son but he always makes sure someone does, only she isn’t there yet and right now Taj is getting on his nerves with his shrieks for attention.

“Stop screaming and use your words, Taj or I’m going to make you sit in there all day.”


Fall 2010Arthur is 27, Marie is 26,  A.J. is 4 and Sarah is 2


His mother always told him he had none of that red head spark, always cool and calm like a mountain lake. Arthur had realized at a young age that she meant he wasn’t boisterous and fun like his older brother; that unfortunately like his father, he was better suited to spending his life among the soil.

The implication never phased him. He’s grown up on his ancestral farm, at his father’s side learning how to properly plant the food that not only nourished him and his family but many families living on the Cove. It’s what Heredons have done for generations, how could he not be proud especially since he’s moved the home based business to its own building across the street.

Waving to Quinn and Jacob, Arthur locks the doors to the greenhouse and the building and walks slowly across the street toward the house. He can hear the baby crying about a taken toy, Marie scolding A.J. about his behavior and goes into the greenhouse instead.


Summer 2010: Dina Caliente is 29


Dina often dreams of what she’s lost. The people rarely cross her mind but the jewels do. The money, the vacations, the sheer luxury of it all often visits her while she sleeps and in those brief moments she feels genuinely happy. Her dreams reinforce what she’s always known, that she deserves all of life’s monetary gems and none of its silly tragedies. How could men like Mortimer and Michael compare to delicate pearl necklace?


Summer 2010: John is 30 and Rachel is 29.  Last update: Summer 2010


Rachel is adept at ignoring certain things, it is skill her mother insisted she perfect and cultivate in an effort to make her adult life easier to bear. In between croissants and afternoon tea Rachel had been taught that the first thing a society woman learns to do is ignore certain unpleasantries, especially in regard to her husband – so she does.

She ignores the nights he comes home in the early morning smelling of cigars and pungent perfume. She ignores knowing looks mixed with envious ones when she goes shopping or to get her hair done. She ignores many things not because her mother told her to but because she remembers why she got married and it wasn’t for love. Rachel doesn’t need someone to tell her to ignore the love that grows within their seven year marriage, she already does.

A call breaks her away from her thoughts and the long abandoned book, drawing her eyes toward the window where John stands smiling. He waves at her, beckoning her to come join him outside.


(mini-update) Summer 2010: Rev. Noble Greene is 46, Fabrice Lemieux is 26.


Noble appreciates the quiet days when he can slowly work on a stimulating crossword before revising the next day’s sermon. For him, it can only be God’s grace that allows quiet contemplation and reflection in an area that is normally filled with the noise of traffic and people with places to go. It reminds him that he is grateful for his posting here despite it being several years now since he first came over on the ferry.

Noble finds himself wondering what life would have been like if he’d turned down the island posting. He would have probably been in large city, where a strange face is a common occurrence and most believe the church is a thing of the past. Shaking his head at his dramatic thoughts, he continues working on his crossword puzzle until he hears footsteps on the stone pathway.

He isn’t surprised to see Fabrice Lemieux, the troubled young man often coming to him after service to simply talk. However, Fabrice surprises him by opening up about some of his problems.


Summer 2010: Joaquin is 28, Gabriela is 25, Maribel and Nadia are 2


Despite the usual calm that overcomes her while cooking, Gabriela can’t stop the jolt that makes her flinch when she glances out the window. It still startles her to see lush green grass and farmland from the kitchen window, the absence of ocean swells and lazy beach goers tugging at her mostly buried desire to be in Argentina again. Gabriela would even take her native country of Panama at the moment, anything to once again experience the familiar but she knows that she’s where her heart is.

She stops chopping briefly, allowing her mind to conjure up images of Bahia Blanca in summer. She can see the brightness of the warm sand and feel the heat of the sun on her shoulders and sighs in pleasure, the knife falling slack in her hands. Gabriela doesn’t complain when the image shifts and blends into heavily sun-kissed skin over high cheekbones and golden brown eyes that smile more than his lips

They had moved for him and she couldn’t regret that.


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