Summer 2011: Dina Caliente and Nina Wright are 30, Gregory Wright is 32, Alexa Wright is 5 and Reagan Wright is 2. Last update: Summer 2011

Soundtrack: “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone.

A.N: Long, almost 4,000 words long but I added pages so it should make it easier to read.

Dina hadn’t expected him to believe her, not simply on her word alone. She expected him to stutter and stumble his way through questions before dismissing her from his office to make a hasty phone call to Nina. She hadn’t expected his eyes to narrow in concentration and to feel the heavy weight of his gaze assessing her, taking in the shape of her face, the curve of her lips and the arch of her brow. He nodded his head, stood taller and Dina had thought maybe there was something to this man her sister had married. He hesitated only once before settling on whatever decision he’d made. “Do you have dinner plans tonight?”



Summer 2011– Dina is 30, Steven Tappan is 27 and Gregory Wright is 32. Last update: Summer 2010

Soundtrack: John Mayer – Neon

Dina hates moving. She hates packing her things away. She mostly hates that her life can now fit into two measly, battered suitcases and carted from one hovel to another. She’d been born with presence – her Papa told her so – and it is downright criminal for her to be locked away in some boarding house where all she has claim to is a tiny room with a bed while sharing a bathroom and kitchen with four people who should always stand 10 feet behind her.


Summer 2010: Dina Caliente is 29


Dina often dreams of what she’s lost. The people rarely cross her mind but the jewels do. The money, the vacations, the sheer luxury of it all often visits her while she sleeps and in those brief moments she feels genuinely happy. Her dreams reinforce what she’s always known, that she deserves all of life’s monetary gems and none of its silly tragedies. How could men like Mortimer and Michael compare to delicate pearl necklace?